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7 Things to Stay Ahead of the Pack This School Year

To many people, the month of September brings back the feeling of a new beginning - a fresh start. On the first day of school everybody starts out equally. No grades are awarded, no homework assigned, no sports teams formed. In order to thrive during the school year you must use the first weeks to ensure that you are prepared. You need to be well ahead in readings and promptly start assignments to not fall behind. Yet, not many people start out the school year preparing for its physical demands.
It may shock you but according to the US Product Safety Commission 5,000 students a year are sent to the emergency room for back pack related injuries. This is no joke. Proper back pack use is crucial for a healthy school year. So our first thing to do this school year to stay ahead of the pack is:


1. Wear your backpack right! A helpful webpage for more information can be found by clicking the link here.


There are other things to do that could do to help with school year preparation:

2. Updating or getting fitted for your custom foot orthotics (link)
3. Scoliosis screenings (we have free scoliosis screening days! Just call in)
4. Curing up injuries that occurred during the summer (visit us for that)
5. Concussion baseline testing for active students (we do that! link)
6. Ensuring proper footwear is worn (we have those as well. link)
7. Planning a pedestrian route from school to home (link)


Written by: Dr. Andrea Nalli, DC