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Science, Collaborative Care, Education, and Functionality

These are the core of Full Function Rehabilitation & Wellness’s dynamic approach to patient care. We are committed to achieving our patients’ immediate goals while striving to maintain their long term health.

Science– At Full Function, Science is the central part of each practitioner’s methodology. It is through science that each member of the Full Function team can provide its patients with innovative techniques and cutting edge treatments, decreasing recovery times and achieving personal health goals.

Collaborative Care– Through Collaborative Care, the multi-disciplinary team members at Full Function come together to discuss each patient’s specific aliments or health goals. Each practitioner will assess each patient and provide their own scientific diagnosis and treatment plan. Collaboratively, a treatment program is created specific to the patient utilizing the various different methodologies, allowing for maximum results.

Education Education is the key to long term health. The practitioner’s at Full Function are dedicated to ensuring that each patient understands the causes of their aliments or the obstacles that must be overcome to achieve personal health goals. By educating each patient and answering all questions, the practitioners at Full Function are providing the knowledge and understanding required to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Functionality-The body was designed to move.  Any aliment or pain placed on the body can ultimately lead to the body’s dysfunction in its movement patterns, posture, and physiological balance.  At Full Function, Functionality is the focus for each patient – decrease pain, increase movement and obtain all personal goals. Through each of the core values – Science, Collaborative Care, and Education – the team members of Full Function will strive towards improved functionality and personal satisfaction.


Full Function Rehab & Wellness has been voted as one of the Top Physiotherapy clinics in Vaughan. 
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Meet Our Team

Dr. Giuseppe Caruana

Chiropractor / Clinic Director

Concussion Rehab

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Vanessa Younes

Registered Physiotherapist

Acupuncture / Dry Needling

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Dr. Anne Trinh

Chiropractor / Acupuncture

Concussion Rehab

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Dr. Andrea Nalli



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Tonya Morelli-Alfano

Registered Massage Therapist

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Danette Lam

Registered Physiotherapist


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Romina Sdao

Yoga Therapist

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