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Cervical / Orthopaedic Pillow

chiroflow internal

A Pillow should be considered an investment! You spend a great deal of time lying on your pillow each night that purchasing a good one should be of high value. You must also think of a pillow like a pair of shoes; that both over time loose their supportive cushion and should be replaced.

There are a wide range of Cervical/ Orthopaedic Pillows on the market, however finding the right one is tough. At Full Function we have gone the distance with our research and tried all different types of pillows. Dr. Caruana has personally slept on different orthopaedic pillows to ensure Full Function carries the best pillows for their patients and we have succeeded!

After many sleepless nights with other pillows Full Function is proud to carry “Water Filled Pillows.” (ChiroFlow Brand) They offer the support needed for a good-nights rest while providing comfort to ensure a good-nights rest. The water does not make you feel like your on a boat, it naturally cradles your head and provides the soft or firm support your looking for.

*Please note that if you wish to purchase another type of pillow (memory foam, orthopaedic etc) Full Function is able to order it for you*

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