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Custom Knee Brace

knee brace Breg
knee brace DonJoy

A Custom Knee Braces is made specifically to fit your body size and shape. Custom Knee Braces are worn during every day activities or during sporting events to help stabilize the knee and provide structural support. Custom Knee Brace are commonly worn if you have sustained a severe injury to the knee where there is tearing of the ligaments (ACL, PCL, Collateral ligaments), meniscus, post-surgical operations or if there is arthritis in the knee. Custom Knee Braces are light weight and are very comfortable since they are made to measure. They come in different colours and styles, depending on your structual needs Full Function carries both DonJoy and Breg knee braces, which are usually covered by most insurance plans.

Call to book a Consultation at our Rehab & Wellness Clinic in Woodbridge, Vaughan with Dr. Caruana to inquire how a  custom knee brace can be ordered for you!

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