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Dynamic Warm-Up for Skiers and Snowboarders

Winter is coming. Some may be ecstatic while others, not so much. As skiers and snowboarders out there are itching to get in their first run of the season, remember to properly warm up before your first run of the season. Not doing so will increase your risk of injuries when you’re on the slopes, especially if you have been sedentary over the summer. Sprains and strains, ligamentous or meniscus injuries, and muscle cramps can all be prevented with proper warm up and prior to hitting the slopes. Find a remote area on the snow and follow the dynamic warm-up shown below with you and your family before your first ski lift chair ride.
The following stretches should be done very lightly; only a mild stretch or pull, if any, should be felt. Be careful as to not overstretch or over-pull during warmup exercises. I recommend 10 repetitions for each exercise and on both limbs if applicable.

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