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Goal Setting: A Shopping List for Success

Not enough people understand the power of goal setting. Goal setting is the beginning of getting what you want. You know how you say “the hardest thing is to start” - whether it is to exercise or to lose weight or to quit smoking? Well, setting a goal IS the start. Just by setting a goal the brain activates and releases chemicals (endorphins) and thinks about all the great possibilities that can arise. This is similar to window shopping: you don’t actually own anything but you can imagine owning it and living in a world where you do, and it’s wonderful. Doesn’t it feel great? Yes it does. Now, realize that if you carry on correctly you CAN own that item in that window. Here’s how.

  1. First, make goals and write them down. Make a bucket full of goals! This will get the brain juices flowing. Enjoy a tea or coffee in comfy clothing in a comfy place and write down realistic goals, practical goals, big goals, and small goals. Write down goals you would like to accomplish today and goals you would like to accomplish in 10 or 20 years. Look at your list of goals and admire it.

For example: Get a raise, buy that dress/car, have a kid, put kid through school, quit smoking, lose weight, stop drinking, eat healthier, visit my chiropractor regularly, etc.

  1. Next, wake up, rank the goals, set aside the top 3 and focus on those for now.

For example from the list above: 1. Get a raise, 2.have a kid, 3. Lose weight

  1. To each of your top-3 goals add sub-goals needed in order to achieve those goals.

For example: 1. Get a raise: a: prepare a performance report, b: schedule meeting with boss, c: do necessary research, etc. 2. Have a kid: a: determine living arrangement, b: research cost and budget for it, c: get a health check, d: insurance, e: run it by your partner if you have one ;), etc. 3. Lose weight: a: throw out junk food, b: buy healthy food, c: research which activities you want to/can do, d: research healthy recipes, etc.

  1. Now determine which tasks are needed to fulfill those sub-goals. Pick the easiest goal first and go from there.

For example: 3. Lose weight: a: throw out junk food: I: get garbage bag and fill it with junk items from the pantry. II: remove junk from fridge. III: remove junk from freezer. IV: remove junk from bedroom, car, countertops, lunch boxes, pockets, hiding places etc. b: buy healthy food: I: research recipes, II: make a list of healthy foods to buy, III: budget for food, IV: ensure you can cook it with the kitchenware you have, V:arrange for shopping transportation, VI: determine a time and date when you will leave to go shopping, VII: arrange new food in proper locations in the kitchen, etc. c: research which activities you want to do: I: determine which activities you are able to do, II: identify locations and times of where and when you can perform those activities, III: budget by determining equipment/gear needed to perform activities, IV: purchase equipment/gear/memberships, V: schedule time and day of outing/performing exercise, etc., etc., etc.

Just by following these steps your mind and written work will turn into action and achievement. Action is what makes goals come true BUT you will never perform the action of achieving the goal unless your mind lets you. See our other blog post for Exercise Goal Creation here. 

So, this year make a shopping list for your brain to sway and persuade it to take action! If you find you are slipping from your goals, just make a new list and your brain will be back on track.

Good luck this New Year. Dream big and see you out there!


Written by: Dr. Andrea Nalli, DC