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Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) woodbridge Vaughan

At Full Function Rehab & Wellness, we understand that no one wants to be involved in a motor vehicle accident, let alone be injured in one. We recognize that the physical healing process after getting hurt in a motor vehicle collision can be an emotional, lengthy, and mentally straining process. The practitioners at Full Function Rehab & Wellness are experienced with providing care for all aged victims and to all various magnitudes of injury. The licensed practitioners are attentive to each patient’s pain thresholds and sensitivities, providing personalized treatments and programs.

Rehab services offered at our clinic can help you recover and get back to your regular activities. Results of treatment varies on an individual basis.

All MVA patients are encouraged to call Full Function Rehab & Wellness to set up an initial assessment and examination with Dr. Caruana, the Clinic Director. Dr. Caruana will establish a personalized treatment program for the patient and educate the patient on the injuries present and expected recovery times.

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